3 Pack Seresto 8 Month Flea and Tick Prevention Collar for Cats

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Seresto collars for cats kills and repels fleas and ticks for 8 months in an easy-to-use, odorless, non-greasy collar.

You’ll both appreciate 8 months of continuous flea and tick protection.

Cats are independent by nature, but they still need your help with flea and tick protection. Seresto collars for cats is designed to be a convenient way for you to help protect your cat from fleas and ticks that can cause bites.

Our innovative Sustained Release Technology provides protection from fleas and ticks for 8 continuous months in each non-greasy collar. That’s one easy-to-use collar instead of 8 monthly treatments.

seresto-8mnthTruly unique technology for your cat.

Seresto collars is a unique polymer matrix collar that offers a continuous supply of two active ingredients: imidacloprid and flumethrin for effective 8-month protection against fleas and ticks. That’s one convenient, non-greasy, odorless flea and tick collar instead of 8 monthly treatments.

The active ingredients are stored within the collar. They are released in low concentrations and are distributed over the pet’s hair and skin surface for 8 months. As active ingredients wear off over time, the Seresto collars flea collar for cats continuously replenishes the skin and hair coat with a new supply of active ingredients. Fleas and ticks are killed through contact with the active ingredients ?C no biting required.

For 8 month prevention and treatment of fleas and ticks on cats and kittens 10 weeks of age and older:

  • REPELS AND kills fleas and ticks
  • Repels and kills ticks for 8 months, including Deer ticks (vector of Lyme disease and anaplasmosis), American dog ticks (vector of Rocky Mountain spotted fever, cytauxzoonosis and ehrlichiosis), brown dog ticks (vector of ehlichiosis, anaplasmosis, babesiosis, and Rocky Mountain spotted fecer), and Lone Starticks (vector of cytauxzoonosis and ehrlichiosis).
  • Prevent tick infestations within 48 hours after application.
  • Quickly kills fleas on cats within 24 hours and continues to prevent infestation for 8 months.
  • Treatment with Seresto kills fleas that may vector bartonellosis (Bartonella henselae), tapeworm infections (dipylidium caninum), feline infectious anemia (Mycoplasma spp.), and rickettsiosis (Rickettsia felis).
  • Re-infesting fleas are killed within 2 hours with protection against further flea infestation lasting 8 months.
  • Kills and repels fleas before they lay eggs.
  • Seresto collars aids in control of flea larvae in the cat’s surroundings following contact with a Seresto-treatd cat.
  • Bayer Polymer Matrix ensures that both active ingredients are continuously released in low concentrations.
  • Make sure to replace the collar after 8 mounts for year-round tick and flea pest prevention.
  • Light reflectors for added visibility in the evening and at night.


TOTAL 100.0%

*Trans Z-1/trans Z-2 ratio: max 66% trans Z-1 and min 34% trans Z-2


One collar per animal to be fastened around the neck. Remove collar from bag directly before use. Unroll collar and make sure that there no remnants from the plastic connectors inside the collar.


  • Insert end of the collar through the buckle. Adjust the collar around the animal’s neck without tightening it too tight or leaving it too loose.
  • As a guide, it should be possible to only insert 2 fingers comfortably between the collar and the neck.
  • Pull excess collar thru the loop(s). Collar length of greater that 1 inch (2cm) beyond the loop(s) should be cut off unless it is on a growing puppy, where some additional length may be needed for adjustment as the animal grows.
  • After application of the collar, three reflector clips may be fixed permanently to the collar to increase the animal’s visibility in the dark. Take the clips out of the bag. The clips should be evenly distributed on the non-overlapping part of the collar. The clips are correctly applied when a clicking sound is heard. For safety reasons once the reflectors are fixed to the collar the clasp closes permanently and cannot be re-opened.

The collar should be worn continuously for the 8 month protection period. Check periodically and adjust fit if necessary, especially when puppies are rapidly growing. Rarely, mild application site reactions may occur, such as scratching, redmess and hairloss, which usually recover within 1-2 weeks without the need for collar removal. In some cases, temporary collar removal and bathing may be recommended until symptoms have disappeared. In very rare cases, application site reactions, such as dermatitis, inflammation, eczema or lesions may occur. In these instances, immediately. If your animal is on medicaiton, consult your veterinarian before using this or any other product.

This collar is designed with a release mechanism. In the unlikely event of a dog being trapped, the dog’s own strength is sufficient to widen the collar to allow for quick release. Replace the collar after 8 months for optimal tick and flea protection.

It is a violation of federal Law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling. Do not contaminate feed or food.

Occasionally slight itching may be observed in animals that are not used to wearing collars in the first few days after fitting. ensure that the collar is not fitted too tightly. Slight hair loss and mild skin reactions due to the mechanical irritation of the collar may occur at the application site which usually recover within 1 or 2 weeks without the need for collar removal. For further guidance regarding individual animal sensitivities. In case of loss of collar, a new collar may be applied immediately. Do not attach a leash to the collar as this may cause breakage.

Keep the collar in the bag and in the outer packaging until use.?As with any pesticide product, do not allow small children to play with the collar or reflectors, or to put them into their mouths. Avoid contact with eyes, skin or clothing. Wash thoroughly with soap and cold water after fitting the collar. People with sensitivity reactions to the ingredients of the collar should avoid contact with the collar. Choking hazard. Contains small parts. Do not place collar or reflectors in mouth. Not intended for use on humans.

For external use on cats only. Do not use on other animals.?Do not use on kittens under ten weeks of age. Do not get this product in cat’s eyes or mouth. As with any product, consult your veterinarian before using this product on debilitated, aged, breeding, pregnant, or nursing animals. Individual senstivities, while rare, may occur after using ANY pesticide product for pets. Rarely, mild application site reactions may occur, such as scratching, redness and hair loss, which usually recover within 1 to 2 weeks without the need for collar removal. In some cases, a temporary collar removal and bathing may be recommended untul symptoms have disappeared. In very rare cases, application site reactions such as dermatitis, inflammation, eczema or lesions may occcur. In these instances, collar removal is recommended. If signs persist, or become more severe, consult a veterinarian immediately. If your animal is on medication, consult your veterinarian before using this or any other product.

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8 reviews for 3 Pack Seresto 8 Month Flea and Tick Prevention Collar for Cats

  1. Ashlee Megan

    We love the seresto collars. My cats are indoor/outdoor cats that love going on adventures through our backyard woods, our neighbors fields, and everywhere they can get to. In the past they have gotten fleas every spring and we have battled them throughout the summer until it freezes in the fall. I have purchased Frontline, Advantage, Capstar pills, etc. and none of it worked as long as it was advertised and we always seemed to still have fleas by week 3 after the treatment. After biting the bullet and spending about $50 for two collars we will never go back. They truly do last 8 months and I never see a flea. I recommend them for everyone. My parents had a large german shephard (Khloe) who passed recently, but they used Seresto for her with no issues and it worked wonders. Her coat was very thick and no amount of bathing, liquid treatment, pills, or powders ever seemed to work. Seresto finally gave her some relief from the constant itching during the warmer seasons associated with fleas.

  2. Mary M. Roe

    Soon as i put this on, not only did my kitten stop scratching like mad kitty, but so did my other animals. And, before trying this,i used several different brands of the topical liquid stuff, flea baths, diatomaceous earth, and trifexis. THIS IS THE ONLY THING THAT WORKED in getting rid of my severe flea infestation. Got it for all my furballs.I notice some people say that their cat got a rash. That white powder you see initially on the collar is an acid which, if not monitored, could easily cause a rash to a susceptible kitten (though it seems to be a very rare occurrence). Just an fyi to those individuals that find their cat with a rash, it might just be that powder.The only complaint i have is that it is MUCH too large for a kitten. Yeah, you could cut it to make it fit better, but then you’ve just spent a ton of money on half the product. Cab bayer not come out with a smaller, cheaper collar for kittens?

  3. willisota

    These collars are terrific! I have two indoor cats and one indoor/outdoor dog. I’ve had issues where the dog brings in a flea and then the cats get worms. I hated putting on the ointment on their necks, so I gave these collars a try. I am so glad I did. We have had zero flea issues and I don’t have to worry that they will get sick from licking off their medicine! These definitely last the 8 months that they say. I typically purchase them a few months before Summer – that way that start working in time and they are far cheaper than when they are more in demand!

  4. Wendee Carpenter

    This is the first time my inside/outside cat has been without fleas, without having to force her to swallow an oversized pill. Topical flea meds had never worked for her like they were supposed to. They always worked for about a week, and then we would start finding fleas. We had been using Comfortis, which also worked well, but was an absolute chore to get her to take. I had done some research on other flea medications, and ran across the Seresto Flea and Tick Collar. I read some reviews that stated it didn’t work for their cat, but wanted to give it a shot. I am so glad I did! She is flea free, happy, and we have had no side effects. She has now been in the collar for a few months, and we have not experienced any hair loss or any other issues.It’s a small thing, but I also love the reflectors on the collar (you don’t have to add them, but they are included in the package). I have seen first hand how well they reflect when I was coming home and she was sitting in the street (no one said she is smart). I was a good 50 feet away and I saw the reflectors and knew she was there. It makes me happy to know that other people will also see that so far away.The other thing I need to talk about is the price. We were paying over $90 for a 6 month supply of Comfortis. This works as well, but Seresto is one third of it’s price, and lasts even longer than that 6 month supply. I can’t be more happy.

  5. Karen

    When I originally put this collar on my cat it seemed to bother her and make her sneeze a little. But no rashes or any skin problems! A few days latter she got used to it and only occasionally swipes it off herself like she’s done with all her other collars.The bugs stay off as long as the collar is on! I’ve had this product on my cat for about 3 months now and the effect hasn’t diminished yet, so unless you manage to find some name brand flea chemicals on clearance (never go off brand, I’ve had cats pass out from some of that crap) this will actually save you money annually. It’s nice to find a more affordable solution without making your cat howl!When first buying this, please make sure to check your cat’s skin for any rashes at least twice a day. Every cat is different and yours might have an allergic reaction to the collar.

  6. Brooke E. Smith

    I live in an area where fleas and ticks rule the area during the summer. It’s so hard, expensive and time consuming to get rid of them. I spent SO much money on different treatments, remedies, yard treatments, chewables, other collars…you name it I got it. Nothing was working, I have 3 dogs and a cat, and my roommate has 2 dogs. So it was getting out of control. I bought these collars, and I was a bit apprehensive at first because the other things have not worked, and I was already in the hole on money and didn’t wanna spend $30 a collar for all 4 of them, but I was desperate, so I bought them. The fleas were literally falling off dead on my animals within hours of buying them. They do not have any fleas at all, and they were gone entirely the next day. There’s none in my house, or any of my animals. I will continue to buy these collars as long as I can. They are amazing. I could have cried I was so relieved it was finally over. lol

  7. Kevin lam

    I have a cat who developed painful flea dermatitis. She was allergic to Advantage II. It caused an open wound where it was applied. The Frontline products did not work. Although I was hesitant to pay for one collar, I had no other option. She was literally losing her fur and scratching miserably. What can I say, within one week she stopped scratching and her fur started to grow back. Its been more than 8 months and she is still flea free. Her fur is full, soft and beautiful. No signs of scaling on her skin. This collar really works and it does not cause any irritation to the cat.

  8. Rachel Cox

    I have two cats; one is an all outdoor cat and the other is a indoor/outdoor cat. Both cats have no issues with the flea collar. It doesnt leave any dust on their coats, they have had no reactions and they both wear it comfortably. We tend to get a good bit of fleas in the area we reside in and this product works extremely well!! Both my cats have not had any fleas!! I recommend this to anyone with cats and I will definitely purchase again!

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