Purchase Guarantee

Our team is happy to help you return products purchased through this website. just contact info@serestocollarsonsale.com your order number or product serial number, we can provide you with available options.

Note: We only accept the return of products purchased directly from this website. If you have purchased a product at another retailer, please contact that retailer for your return.

If you notice that your product has been delivered damaged, you can request return, exchange or repair within 30 working days to contact us for info@serestocollarsonsale.com. …

for exchanges, you will not charge any additional delivery, freight or service charges. Depending on the price difference of the new product, you will receive a credit card or fee used to purchase the original product.

Upon return, you will receive a refund of the product, but delivery, freight and service charges will not be refunded. Please contact us to discuss the nature of the damage and confirm that you are eligible for a product refund.

If you are interested in repairing, contact us to arrange the service.

Return of major equipment for any other reason

If you are not satisfied with your product for other reasons, you have a maximum of 30 working days to request return. please contact info@serestocollarsonsale.com and arrange return.

If the 30-day return window has passed and your product is still under warranty, please contact us for warranty service or arrange maintenance. Cost applicable.

contact us info@serestocollarsonsale.com so that we can better understand how to help your situation.

get a refund when you request a return within 30 calendar days after the delivery date.

Once your product is received by us, please allow about two weeks to process your refund, minus any return charges or adjustments. The refund will be issued to the card you purchased. If you have not received your refund after two weeks, please contact us info@serestocollarsonsale.com.

We have the right to refuse a refund or the exchange does not comply with our return policy.

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